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Indie Swim Lookbook 2016


Our home state of Florida provided us this location to shoot both indieSWIM and indie & wild.  I know what you're thinking; how could it not?  Well, these two sister labels are polar opposites.  Connected by nature, but striving to be their own individuals; indieSWIM is for the happy, bright, sandy beach girl while it's sister label, indie & wild, is for the more rebellious, dark and mysterious females.  One location, two totally different looks.

We road tripped to Marco Island.  From here we had white sand beaches, scorching hot sun, and summer storms forcing us off and on the beach.  The storms lasted throughout the day but in the end we had an epic sunset and the rain was totally worth it.  Waking up in the morning we took advantage of the good weather until the storms came rolling in again.  That didn't stop us from hopping on a boat with captain Dick (that was really his name) and venturing through the 10,000 islands of the everglades.  

In and out of storms again, finding deserted beaches, mangroves for miles, and dolphins constantly riding the wake of our boat - we made it to the infamous dome houses.  Captain Dick pulled right up to the them and it was one of the most wild things any of us have seen in real life. When we regrouped, the shooting started and the success of these shoots is all documented, of course!