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I still remember photographing my first wedding like it was yesterday. I was so nervous yet so excited. At this point I have been shooting landscapes, portraits and family photographs for quite some time so I was confident with my photography craft. I prepared myself by watching seminars of all my favorite wedding photographers and invested in the industries leading equipment.  I would always talk to other photographers about weddings and they always had such stigmas about them from bridezillas to horror stories about breaking sim cards. Anyways, my hopes where high but I was prepared for the worst. Some time during the first dance about 3 hours into shooting the wedding I remember thinking "wow, this is amazing." To be such an important part in documenting such a special day was overwhelming for me. It's my job to pay close attention to all of the emotions around me and I found myself connecting to these people I have never met before in a fast and unfamiliar way. Ever since then I have fell in love with documenting weddings. From the extremely beautiful moments at sunset with the bride and groom to the always amazing reception party. Everybody is always having the time of their lives no matter what the conditions and that is why I love it. I have photographed some of the classiest well though out weddings to the least planned back yard wedding. They all have the same emotion of joy and love. 


When it comes to pricing out my wedding photography service I like to be customized. Everybody has their own style and desires. If I am fit for you we can discuss the options to create a package and agreement that makes us both happy. 

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