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Our goal is excellence and constant growth. 

Our Promise to You

1. Top of the line industry standard equipment. We aren't about brand names, we're about performance. (Although, if you must, we use Nikon)

2. Premium service. You come first. Always. 

3. Attention to detail in post-processing. Our team has extensive training in the industries leading software. We guarantee perfection with an authentic style. Re-edits? No problem. 

4. Storage of Media. Files are backed to the bone. So don't you worry, we have you covered. Did you loose everything? No problem. 

5. Do you need the highest of resolutions? The quality of the photos can be delivered at a legit 36.2 million pixels. Which gives you full capability to print as large as your campaign (or wall) desires.

6. Guaranteed time of delivery. Typically for weddings we prefer 3 weeks since a vast amount of photo selection, preparation and processing goes into it. For architectural real estate photography we will have the photos in front of your prospective clients within 3 business days. Need them sooner? No problem. 

7. All of our packages include the rights to your photos, which may not seem like as big of a deal as it is, but when it comes to photography this may be one of the most important amenities. 



I was born and raised in Jupiter, Florida. I would always here my elders say how it's their favorite place in the world. Well, I now know why.. The vast amount of beauty in this little town is immense. We have the crystal clear, dark aqua colors of the gulf come through the inlet and clean out our water ways daily. We have white sand preserved beaches with tropical shells from the Caribbean. All the way to historical monuments like the famous Jupiter light house in which my grandma still gives tours weekly (ask for Evelyn). I believe the beauty of this area is what inspired me to pursue photography from the start. It's almost hard to take a bad picture when your photographing  such beauty. I'm very rooted to my local upbringing and I have dedicated my landscape photography to capture the true essence  of Jupiter Florida from scouting new locations all the way to the final print. Please contact me for information on printing and pricing. I work with local priters that are just as passionate as I am and we can produce the industries leading quality of arcvial fine art.  



I grew up diving so I have always been aware of how surreal the underwater world can be. It's amazing how the second you submerge yourself everything stops. My favorite spot to dive at young age was the north point of the Jupiter Inlet. If you go at slack high tide in the middle of summer it will blow your mind. The amount of fish and huge schools of snook never seizes to amaze me. My first underwater housing was literally just like a plastic bag. If you're curious it's called an outex. I'm so glad I purchased this for my now long gone Nikon D600 because it sparked my passion. The way light sheds through water is extraordinary and unique. It magnifies, bends, distorts and changes hues in ways that can make an artists mouth water.  With that being said it can be very challenging and ever changing. Under water conditions never seem to be the same or even close to consistent. It was such a challenge that it infatuated me. My post production is all about brining out the true colors I saw with my own eye. My style is realism and mystical combined which is exactly what the underwater world provides. I have worked with many swimwear companies and models to connect the brand with their client. I've done private shoots with engaged couples and strictly underwater portraits.