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underwater photography


"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Einstein


          Underwater has always been an art I wanted to explore. Salt water already ran through my veins as I began my adventure into photography. It was time to blend my two passions and something amazing manifested! When the light shines down through the water it bends and reflects in mystical ways. Underwater the colors are enhanced, the angles are more dramatic and everything is magnified. Whether that subject is a model for swim wear, a couple for a lifestyle shoot or just an eloquent landscape my underwater photograph will be distinctive! . Shooting underwater has given me the chance to showcase my talent of combining nature and the subject being photographed to a completely higher level. Being able to combine mystical and realistic forms has allowed me endless opportunities.  My underwater housing, Nauticam, makes it possible to focus on the unique beauty in the water enhancing the color, clarity, lighting, and shadows. It is with my professional equipment, talent and comfort in the water that I am completely confident I can create a unique image.