OH Guatamala... 

The culture is rich with love. You can see active volcanoes in the distance just past the long cobble stone roads with a foreground of colors painted through the City of Antiqua.. Every night, baby turtles are released to the ocean at sunset. River mouth jetties provide perfect uncrowded waves. This big/little strip of land just south of Mexico in Central America delivered to say the least! One of our favorites in Central so far.

Long story short we went to Guatemala from the idea to create content... We had one week and I would say we pulled it off.

Thank you to Cocori Lodge for the amazing hospitality, good food, and paradise living. Mat Mahany for bringing it all together.. Jacob Manning for the non stop filming and entertaining. Rachel Chesnes for the help and good vibes. Island Company for providing apperal and sun screenage. 

-Jack & Paige