I have always felt a connection with nature and people. This has led me to an inner passion of incorporating both elements into expressive photographs. My growth and experiences as a person has manifested in my photography. I believe that all humans strive to feel appreciated, noticed and above all, to be loved. This is what truly excites me and what drives me to always bring into existence the most memorable photos. Connecting with each client and really understanding what they are looking for is my priority. The anticipation and the moment that my clients see the final product is when I feel the true appreciation for what has been accomplished. I promise to always perform with the highest professionalism and bring originality to every situation. After our business, I continue on believing that I did more for my clients beyond their expectations. I am grateful for every opportunity given to me and I want all my clients to know that our time working together has helped me become a better photographer.



                First off, I’d like to say thank you for taking the time to check out my website, your interest in my photography and the possibility of future business I hope to be doing with you. You may be doing research on prices and packages or looking for what certain photographers have to offer over others. So as you read on I’d like to have you get to know me so than I can have an opportunity to get to know you. I strongly feel there should be a personal connection in working together through photography.  I strive for my clients to feel comfortable and at ease during our business together. After all, it is my passion to take your vision mixed with my knowledge and experience to capture breathtaking images that will not be forgotten.

                So who am I? What drives my passion? Why me? Let me answer……I am Jack Bates, a true Jupiter, Florida native. I was raised in this amazing town nestled along the Atlantic Ocean and historical Loxahatchee River. My first passions were destined to be anything that involved the water such as boating, diving, surfing! If I wasn’t sun kissed with sand in my hair than I could be found doing school work or with my family and friends. I am very lucky to have parents who believe in me and my interests. I grew up with a very close family and an amazing group of friends in which we shared the same passions. I will never underestimate the power of my family and friendships!

                Christmas 2006 my parents gave me a new camera as a gift. This started the deep rooted fascination which developed into the knowledge, education, and experience I have today for photography. Yes, that first Nikon DSLR was the gateway into an amazing adventure I’m still excited to be living! Self-taught, I grabbed any opportunity to be behind the lens chasing sunsets, working with my amazing photogenic sister, as we used the unique and endless beauty of Jupiter as our backdrop. I was hooked! Photography continued to grow on me more and more.

                In 2012 I graduated from UNF with a Bachelors of Science Degree and I found myself quickly moving back home. The vast beauty that my home town of Jupiter, FL has to offer is breathtaking. Where the beautiful river meets the blues of ocean the fire was kindled and it was back to photography! I realized I wanted to pursue this as a professional career. Purchasing the equipment and marketing myself, never being uneasy to try new things or new ways I soon development my rhythm, my style, my name! 

                Since that first camera back in 2006 from the turning point in 2012, I have never stopped learning and researching. I have since had amazing opportunities as my photography quickly broadened from just *Landscapes to now a full service of *Weddings/Engagements *Family Portraits*Editorial/Commercial,  *Real Estate/Architectural, and *Underwater. I am now shooting for several large companies some of which are: Lux Magazine, Indie Swim, Cinepolis Movie Theaters,  Atlantic Current, Turtle Creek Golf Course, Camila Swimwear, Illustrated Properties, Ocean Tec, Sol Addict, Banyan Golf Course, Sea Luster Jewelry, and many more! I have been hired to do work in the Bahamas, Thailand, Brazil, California, Texas, and all over Florida doing incredible shoots for so many wonderful people. I am living my dream and each shoot kindles that burning passion inside! 

                So why me if your still asking? It’s simple! It’s because I am committed, I am eager, I am fueled by my inspirations of art, nature, and creative people. Through photography I am able to express what my heart and soul cannot reveal for itself. To learn more please click on each of my categories above. On each link you will read what drives my interest along with a compilation of my photographs. I thank you again for your interest in my work and am excited to share my passion with yours.  - Jack